The operation and importance of multispindle bar-turning machines

The world of precision mechanical machining has undergone a significant evolution with the introduction of multi-spindle bar-turning machines. This equipment, essential for the production of high-volume turned parts, represents a major technological advance in the precision mechanics sector.

What is a multispindle bar-turning machine?

A multi-spindle bar-turning machine is a type of automatic lathe designed to manufacture complex parts in large quantities.

These machines have several spindles – usually six or eight – working simultaneously on several parts. This configuration significantly increases productivity, as several operations can be carried out simultaneously on different parts.

How do these multispindle machines work?

Multi-spindle turning machines operate on the principle of synchronized spindle rotation. Each spindle holds a blank which is simultaneously machined by various tools.

These machines can perform a multitude of operations, including drilling, milling, tapping and threading. The precision and speed of these machines are unrivalled, making them ideal for mass production.

The technological evolution of multispindle bar-turning machines

The evolution of multispindle bar-turning machines is testimony to the continuous innovation in the mechanical engineering sector. These machines, which were already revolutionary when they first appeared, have continued to evolve, incorporating cutting-edge technologies such as numerical control (CNC) and automated systems for greater precision and efficiency.

This technological evolution not only increases productivity, but also enables us to meet the growing demands for quality and complexity in mechanical parts.

The advantages of multispindle machines in mass production

The use of multispindle bar turning machines offers several advantages, including :

Greater efficiency

The ability to work on several parts simultaneously considerably reduces machining times.

Precision and quality

These turning machines guarantee high precision, which is crucial for the production of complex mechanical components.


They are suitable for machining a wide range of workpieces, allowing great production flexibility.

Cost reduction

By increasing productivity and reducing production time, manufacturing costs are significantly reduced.

Challenges and constraints

Despite their many advantages, the use of multispindle bar-turning machines presents certain challenges. The complexity of these machines requires highly qualified personnel for operation and maintenance. What’s more, the initial investment in such equipment can be considerable, although it pays for itself in the long term through production savings.

The importance of maintenance and training

Regular maintenance is essential to keep multi-spindle bar turning machines running at peak performance. This means preventive maintenance and the ability to diagnose and resolve technical problems quickly. At the same time, ongoing staff training is essential to keep pace with technological advances and maximize the efficiency of these complex machines.

Environmental impact and sustainability

In a world where sustainability is increasingly a priority, the environmental impact of manufacturing processes is an important issue. Thanks to their efficiency and precision, multispindle bar-turning machines help reduce material waste and energy consumption per part produced. This represents a step towards more sustainable, environmentally-friendly production.

MASSARD et Cie: a success story in the use of multispindle machines

Massard et Cie is a good example of a mechanical parts turning company, perfectly illustrating the efficient use of multispindle turning machines.

With recognized expertise in the mass production of mechanical fasteners, Massard et Cie takes advantage of multispindle technology to offer its customers high-quality products at competitive costs.

The ability to mass-produce complex components with great precision makes Massard et Cie a key player in the bar turning sector.

Multi-spindle bar-turning machines and high-volume precision machining

In short, multispindle turning machines are a mainstay of the modern mechanical industry, offering an unrivalled combination of speed, precision and efficiency.

Their role is crucial in high-volume production, and companies like Massard et Cie fully exploit their potential to provide high-quality bar-turning solutions.

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