100% control of self-tapping inserts for the automotive industry

In a world where quality and precision have become essential requirements, especially in the automotive sector, Massard et Cie stands out for its commitment to excellence. We are therefore pleased to present our 100% inspection process for low-cut self-tapping inserts.

Why is 100% control essential?

100% control of certain turned parts, such as self-tapping inserts, is crucial to meeting the needs of our automotive customers. This process guarantees reliability and quality, key factors for automakers.

Bar turning and quality

At Massard et Cie, quality isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a philosophy that permeates every aspect of our business. Our commitment to quality is reflected in our ongoing investment in machine technology and staff training.

The importance of ISO 9001 certification

ISO 9001 certification directly influences our approach to quality control. It compels us to continuous improvement, ensuring that every part we produce meets the most stringent requirements. This level of rigor is particularly important in the automotive sector, where safety and performance are paramount.

Our control process in detail

We use a system for conveying parts to be inspected in front of a vision camera. This camera is equipped with a special red light to avoid interference with other light spectra.

Controls performed

Three separate checks can therefore be carried out on all bar-turned parts produced:

Thread inspection

Through a narrow, rectangular green window, we check the presence of the thread over the entire height of the self-tapping insert, by measuring several threads at the end of tapping. The tap entry is opposite this control.

Chamfer control

The presence of the chamfer is verified by the reflection of light in a green trapezoidal window.

Non-obstruction check

A central square window ensures that no foreign matter (debris, swarf, etc.) obstructs the tapped hole.

These checks ensure that our customers are able to assemble their own production (Mercedes, Scania, etc.) on automated assembly lines.

What happens if a default is identified?

Approximately 10% of production is rejected following this optical inspection. These parts are then manually re-checked by an operator.

Chip clogging can often be eliminated, reducing waste and optimizing production.

Complementary control systems

To ensure 100% production control, Massard et Cie combines several complementary control methods.

Optical sorting machines

The first line of defense in our control process is the optical sorting machine. This advanced technology enables fast, accurate inspection of parts, identifying potential defects with great efficiency.

Automatic measurement acquisition for SPC

Throughout production, automatic readings of the main ribs are sent to the SPC control cards to anticipate deviations caused by tool wear.

Why choose Massard et Cie for bar turning and inspection?

Our expertise in bar turning, backed up by ISO 9001 certification and state-of-the-art control technologies, makes us the ideal choice for all your automotive self-tapping insert needs.

In conclusion…

At Massard et Cie, precision and reliability in turning self-tapping inserts for the automotive industry are not just objectives, but concrete realities.

Our ISO 9001-certified 100% control process, supported by advanced technologies such as an optical sorting machine and automatic SPC measurement acquisition, is testimony to our ability to meet the most stringent industry requirements.

Our methodical approach and attention to detail ensure that every part produced meets the highest quality standards, contributing to the safety and efficiency of our customers’ end products.

By choosing Massard et Cie, our partners in the automotive sector benefit from recognized expertise and zero-defect quality assurance.

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