At Massard, manufacturer of studs, mechanical fasteners par excellence…

The stud, the mechanical fastener par excellence…

A small mechanical part of our daily lives, the dowel can be found just about everywhere, but is rarely seen. Its main mission is to provide a fastening function.

What’s a stud?

At Massard, the dowel is a member of the family of mechanical parts that includes tie rods, inserts, fittings and plugs.

A victim of its own success, the dowel is sometimes referred to as a connecting pin…

Its distinctive feature is, of course, that it has an implanted sense, unlike the tie rod, for example.

The tie-rod has two threaded ends with a “free” length, but the rib is standardized at 0 + 2 times the thread pitch.

The fixing pin has two different ends. On the one hand, the thread is “free”, like the tie rod; on the other, it’s implanted: thread length accurate to a tenth of a millimeter.

A fastener par excellence, the fastening stud is invisible, yet there may be some in the seat you’re sitting on as you read this article.

You’ll certainly find it in your car’s engine, but also in the crane that was recently installed near your home.

The dowel originates from a metal or plastic bar, with a diameter ranging from 2 to 60 mm; it can reach great lengths (up to 50 times the diameter).

Talking materials, talking deadlines: the mechanical parts industry under pressure.

From mild steel to hard/treated steel and stainless steel, the stud is a part that meets all quality standards.

As is the case for all suppliers of mechanical parts, Massard is not immune to soaring material price curves.

In addition to the fact that the situation is becoming increasingly complex, forcing us to multiply our sources of supply, even for common materials, prices have literally skyrocketed, averaging +300 euros per tonne in just a few months!

And when we talk price, we also talk lead time.

One can’t have one without the other, and when prices soar on the one hand, and lead times get longer on the other…

At Massard, fastening studs are an art!

Our customers put their trust in us and appreciate the fact that our team knows how to organize itself to remain reactive and agile.

Our customers are also sensitive to our manufacturing methods. At Massard, studs are threaded by rolling(see previous article).

A fastening stud with rolled threads provides much greater resistance to pull-out. And when that stud is in a crane at the end of the street, it’s reassuring!

We are also able to manufacture parts to drawings, as well as to NFE, DIN, ISO, UNC, UNF, GAZ, NPT standards…

In short, goujon at Massard is an art form.

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