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Quality control

Quality control

The Demand for Perfection

Quality is an integral part of Massard et Cie’s work methodology. The company’s organization is centered around the quality system.

Certified ISO 9002 since 1993, then ISO 9001 v2015 and in the process of ISO 9100 (aeronautics), we strive to be ever more precise in the execution of our tasks. Because customer satisfaction is at the heart of our approach, and we pay close attention to your needs and requirements.

ISO 14001

Preserving the environment

ISO 14001 certified since 2014, we identify and control the impact of our activities on our eco-system and constantly improve our environmental performance: recycling of used oils, selective sorting of paper, batteries, ink cartridges…

Our plant is equipped with a settling tank for wastewater treatment (oil separator/sludge separator), and we filter the fumes from burnt oils.

Bar turning and precision

the quality solution

At Massard et Cie, we have high-performance control equipment to guarantee the desired level of quality, and even to ensure 100% production control of certain critical mechanical parts.

To achieve this, we combine several complementary control methods:

Optical sorting machines

For fast, accurate and efficient initial inspection of parts in a production run, to eliminate non-conforming parts.

Automatic measurement acquisition for SPC

To anticipate and rectify deviations caused by tool wear on bar-turning machines.

Three-dimensional inspection machines

For high-precision testing and inspection, even of complex turned parts.

Décolletage Massard

Quality and precision

Don’t hesitate to entrust us with your high-tolerance parts.

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