Entrust your stock of bar turning parts and mechanical fasteners to Massard et Cie

Stocking your mechanical parts

Société Massard is particularly renowned for its professionalism and thoroughness. Massard is the bar-turning solution, based in Haute-Loire since 1825!

When we talk about bar turning in mechanical engineering, we’re of course talking about series. Whether small, medium or large, our production runs range from 50 to 10,000 parts per manufacturing launch.

And the principle of mass production often raises questions about the notion of STOCK.

What’s the stock?

Inventory comprises all goods, materials or supplies, waste, semi-finished products, finished products, work-in-progress and commercial packaging owned by the company.

How do you manage stock?

At Massard, we manage stock for our customers, because stock enables ANTICIPATION, and contrary to popular belief, well-managed stock is a source of savings!

How? Simply because, in the world of bar turning, your production start-up time is identical whatever the quantity of parts to be produced, so inevitably the more you produce, the more your start-up costs are minimized.

Stocking is an art!

So the art of stock-keeping, as we master it at Massard, means for our customers the comfort of being delivered on time.

According to your own weekly, monthly or other schedule, we deliver just the right number of pieces.

Let’s talk confidence!

This service, already appreciated by 25% of our customers, is built on a relationship of trust.

It all starts with listening carefully and precisely to your needs.
We can help you every step of the way.

Whether your need is for a small, large or very large series, or even a sub-assembly, Massard offers you customized support.

Using the FIFO (First In First Out) method, we guarantee the traceability of each part.

We manufacture your parts (fittings, studs, inserts, plugs, pins, special screws, etc.) in our workshop, and if necessary, we can also handle additional parts (gaskets, spring pins, springs, etc.) to finalize assembly before delivering to you according to your own schedule.

So all you have to do is plan ahead, because Massard never sells out!

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