Massard: relocating your mechanical parts and fasteners

Everyone is talking about relocating industry to France.

This is a vast subject, already brought to the fore in 2012 by the government of the time, which was extolling the virtues of Made in France.

The first returns were seen as early as 2018, and mainly around industries with a long family tradition in a particular territory.

From Made in France to Industry 4.0, via multiple stimulus packages, there’s…only one fine global crisis (again), but while innovation remains, unavoidably, an obvious differentiating factor, it’s not always and solely technological.

Massard, a company attentive to your projects for all your mechanical parts and fasteners

Being a supplier of turned parts to the automotive industry in the Haute-Loire region of France is unusual, so it’s bound to stimulate innovation.

For Massard, innovation is second nature. Both in terms of production resources and human resources, the company remains agile and adapts to its new challenges, moving from a product-driven model to one focused on the needs of our customers (or even the needs of our customers’ customers…), while guaranteeing them the quality they expect.

And because we are always ready to listen to our customers, we offer them a whole range of parts such as insertsbolts, tie rods or plugs and fittings, which we manufacture at our shooting equipped with sliding headstocks with rotating tools, double-spindles or even multi-spindle.

Massard: an “extended” company at the service of your mechanical parts and fasteners

At Massard, the material comes in bars. These material bars, like their diameters, come in a wide range.

Diameters start at 2mm and go up to 60mm in bars and 200mm in billets.
Our materials are mainly metallic: steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, etc. We also work with plastics.

And while our inserts, studs, tie rods, plugs and fittings are often small in size, we are also capable of bar-turning parts up to 2.5 meters long.

Finally, we manage heat treatment, surface coating, assembly, 100% inspection and in-house stock management for our customers according to their requirements.

Massard, a regional network for all your mechanical parts and fasteners

It was Alexandre Massard who founded the company of the same name in 1825, just a few kilometers from the new site inaugurated in June 2017: a fine, long family tradition rooted in its territory: the Haute-Loire.

From three journeymen in 1825, we’ve grown to 25 employees today, and we’re with you right from the definition of your needs: we’re at your side to co-design your mechanical parts and fasteners.

As an SME located in a major industrial region, we work within the @productionfrance network to build and rebuild the entire value chain required to produce your parts.

So relocating your mechanical parts and fasteners to Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, and your screw-machining parts to Haute-Loire, is no dream… it’s a reality!

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