Massard, the Décolletage solution for your mechanical parts and fasteners

Bar turning is a material-removal machining technique, also known as subtractive, as opposed to additive. Machining is based on a bar revolving around an axis.

The world of bar turning seems to have originated in the world of watchmaking, and bar turning owes its name to the “collar” of the screws that had to be removed using specific production methods.

Words like bar turning machines will then follow, for production machines, or bar turning machines for bar turning specialists.

Examples of screw machines at Massard

Massard, the Décolletage Solution in Haute-Loire

As already mentioned in our article on customer loyalty, Massard, the bar turning solution in Haute-Loire, is not a coincidence.

While our colleagues in the Arve Valley are well known for their ability to produce large and very large series, Massard, based in the Haute-Loire region, began specializing in small and medium production runs in the 90s.

Of course, it’s all a question of paradigm, so let’s be precise. Bar turning is generally appreciated for small parts (small diameters) and at Massard, your bar turning solution is based on diameters from 5 to 40 mm; as for series production, it starts at 10,000 parts and goes beyond 30,000 parts.

Massard, the screw-cutting solution for your inserts, parts and mechanical fasteners

At Massard, your inserts are bar-turned parts produced on multispindle lathes with bar feeders.

The multispindle, or “multipass” as it’s known in the workshop, enables us to carry out 6 operations in a very short time, 3 to 5 times faster than on a numerically-controlled machine. This is much appreciated by our customers, to whom we offer very competitive prices. Each tool is placed in the turret, each operation carried out in a precise order, like a never-ending dance, giving the bar turning machine the air of a machine of the future… especially when they arrived in the workshop in the 90s!

Example of a multi-spindle bar turning machine with bar feeder at Massard

The other asset we offer our customers is our bar feeder. Whether single or multi-stage, it allows the machine to be loaded in a way that, once again, optimizes time.

With a simple change of program, our screw machines link your inserts, parts and mechanical fasteners to suit your needs. Our custom-made products are particularly suitable for self-tapping inserts, overmolding inserts and inserts to drawings. Our teams are also available to help you define your needs, if required.

Massard, a global offer for your turned parts

At Massard, we offer a wide range of machined materials: free-cutting steels and stainless steels, also known as mild steels and stainless steels, as well as copper, brass and aluminum.

We carefully select our partners to offer you impeccable quality, both in our range of coatings such as zinc plating, phosphating and Geomet® lamellar coatings, and in our pre-coating offer such as micro-encapsulated glue and sealants.

We’re always ready to listen to your needs in bar turning, as well as for your mechanical parts and fasteners, so don’t hesitate to contact us!

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