Massard: your long-standing supplier of turned parts and mechanical fasteners

How do you define customer loyalty? When he places his second order?

Some of Massard’s customers are long-standing, with a small handful – the famous Pareto “handful” – going back more than 40 years.

And if we ask our customers about the reasons for their loyalty,technical expertise, geographical proximity and quality come out on top.

Quality control at Massard

Massard, manufacturer of made-to-measure studs since time immemorial

Massard was first identified in the 1990s as a supplier of dowels and tie rods to drawings.

As a recognized supplier to the agricultural, rail, public works, defense and automotive (trucks) sectors, our customers appreciate our ability to produce non-standard, high value-added mechanical parts and fasteners.

The 1992-1993 crisis (another one), a global monetary crisis, led Europe to found, among other things, its single currency: the Euro.

For the French industrial world, and therefore also for Massard, the result was a yo-yo effect. Sometimes, the reduction of our supplier panel will push us down the value chain; on the other hand, some of our customers will support us in our development, appreciating our ability to offer them a more complete range, and we thank them for this.

Our technical expertise for all your mechanical parts and fasteners

As is the case for many small and medium-sized businesses in the mechanical engineering sector, MASSARD has not escaped the arrival of a new type of purchaser among prime contractors.

Buyers with a perfect command of their computers’ spreadsheets, but much less of the technical aspects of the parts they had to buy…

We’re reminded of requests for prices by weight, questions like “and what are your low-cost manufacturing capabilities?”, and other equally strange but necessary criteria for remaining on the famous panel of suppliers.

Massard’s strategy was to build on its already recognized technical expertise, and to provide expert advice to its panel of buyers.

They came to appreciate our ability to supply different types of parts, in both medium and large production runs, with little or a lot of added value, in a wide variety of materials such as mild steels, special steels, brass, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, titanium, but also polymeric materials.

Our customers, past and present, also appreciate our technical ability to support them, and even to redefine parts with them to best meet their requirements.

Massard, your local partner for bar turning parts and mechanical fasteners

The start of the new school year in September 2021 promises to be complicated, both in terms of the health crisis and in terms of supplies for mechanical parts and fastener manufacturers like Massard.

So it’s obvious that we need to be close to our customers!

Our ability to work alongside our customers on more or less exotic materials, with quality made in Haute-Loire and recognized technical expertise, has convinced our customers for 40 years.

So why not you?

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