Massard: your mechanical parts and fasteners made in Haute-Loire

All economists seem to agree on one point: France’s growth forecast for 2021 will be above 5%. What’s more, forecasts predict that French growth will be higher than the European average, while inflation is unlikely to soar.

The Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region is no exception to this trend, with growth forecasts of over 8%!

Haute-Loire is a very attractive département in this dynamic region, with an unemployment rate lower than the regional figure and a growth rate higher than the regional average…

It would seem that the Haute-Loire is a department where life is good, so what could be more surprising than to find quality and a love of work well done at Massard, your supplier of bar turning parts and mechanical fasteners made in Haute-Loire.

Massard: know-how at the service of your mechanical parts and fasteners

Since its creation, MASSARD has been above all a story of men and women.

The team is made up of almost 25 people (including, of course, our work-study students and interns). Men and women with a wealth of know-how and a proven track record, with an average of over 20 years’ experience in screw-machining parts,assembly operations and, of course, studs, tie rods, inserts and fittings.

Thierry “I have 37 years’ seniority. After graduating from the Lycée professionnel in Monistrol (Haute-Loire), I joined the army, and as soon as my military service was over, I was hired by Massard. At first I worked on threading machines, then I moved on to turning and multispindle machines. Like my colleagues, I’ve followed the company’s development, particularly the arrival of bar-turning machines. We’re proud to say that we make bar turning parts in the Haute-Loire too!

Julien “I’ve been with the company for 12 years and I’m a member of the famous Generation Y. I’m also a graduate of Monistrol high school. I’m also a graduate of Monistrol high school, and started out as a Massard machining technician on a numerically controlled lathe. With experience, I became a controller programmer.

Massard: a smooth generational transition for your mechanical parts and fasteners

In the mechanical engineering sector (as in many others), recruitment is a real challenge, and many jobs are said to be “short-staffed”. Massard, your bar-turning solution in Haute-Loire, is no exception to these difficulties.

Thierry “Our jobs aren’t always very technically demanding, but we have to be precise, regular and put ourselves in our customers’ shoes. Some of our skills are manual, and not everything can be digitized… Besides, I learned about digital technology on the job with the new generation coming into the workshop, and then I accompanied Sylvie. She arrived with no experience and few skills. Today she’s part of the rolling team and I’m very proud of her.

Julien “I grew up with digital technology, so I loved setting up CAD/CAM within the company and then passing on my skills to the team.

Massard, the bar-turning solution for your mechanical parts and fasteners

Our operators are regularly trained in the latest technologies, and are recognized not only for their cutting-edge skills.

Emblazoning the values of Haute-Loire is also a pledge of our values and respect for our know-how at your service.

With our proven track record, we can confidently consider all your requirements and respond quickly.

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