Make to order rolling on your blank parts

What is rolling?

Rolling is an external threading carried out by deformation of the material and compression between the wheels in the shape of the threading to be carried out.

Rolling for all types of material

We can roll all types of material as long as the elongation A% is greater than 12% from Ø4 to Ø36 and the shaft is solid.

We are not however equipped to do threading via rolling on tubes, for which we prefer proceeding by comb machining (on a Hottiaux machine).

The description of our thread rolls equipment (tools required for rolling and specific to each type of threading) can be accessed via the button below:

We can make threadings with no length limit by feed through (on parts without Ø greater than the nominal threading Ø) and manufacture threaded ends or threads (consult the maximum length hereinabove).

If you have any questions on our rolling services for your blank parts, or regarding our prices, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Tolerances and rolling control methods

Our many means of “go” and “no-go” control with rings allows us to control a large number of threadings.

The diameter before rolling, for which we will specify the dimension according to your threading typology to be made, has to be kept to a precision of +/- 0.02 mm.

Parts before rolling

Parts after rolling

Competitively priced rolling

The cost of our rolling services includes:


machine assembly for about €150


as well as a cost of rolling per part between €0.25 to €5

according to the type of material, the length of the threading to be carried out and the handling typology of your parts (maximum length for size 4000 mm and maximum weight of 20 kg).

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