The INSERT: a function for your mechanical parts and fasteners

The insert is a mechanical part, often small, which provides part of the fastening function, i.e. the link between several parts, such as that holding the tailgate of your vehicle or the dome of Morris columns.

Massard specializes in the manufacture of inserts to drawings.

Our expertise offers you a wide range of special inserts, and our teams are at your side to help you co-develop and/or co-design your inserts, adjusting them to your needs and production resources.

Massard, manufacturer of special inserts for your mechanical parts and fasteners

By definition, the insert is meant to be inserted… so it will generally be made of a harder material than the one into which it will be inserted. It can also be treated or pre-coated to give it a surface finish suited to your needs and its function.

At Massard, we offer a variety of materials for a variety of insertions. We manufacture inserts in steel, free-cutting stainless steel and aluminum, as well as brass and copper.

For diameters ranging from 5 to 40 mm and lengths up to 50 mm.

Depending on your needs, we can adapt our production resources to accommodate your medium-sized production runs (from 2,000 parts) or large-scale production runs (from 20,000 parts). Our organization also offers you in-house stock management, so that we can deliver when you need us and/or according to a forecast schedule.

The overmolding insert – The overmolding insert for your mechanical parts and fasteners

Ideal for assembling your plastic and/or metal parts, our Massard company manufactures overmoulding inserts for simple, high-quality fastening of all your assemblies.

We owe this historic activity in our workshops to our geographical location: the Massard company is based in the Haute-Loire, in the heart of the plastics-processing basin of this beautiful department; so it’s only natural that the overmolding insert should be one of the company’s historic products. The plastics industry has led us to the automotive sector, and more particularly to the heavy goods vehicle sector, so this is our area of expertise.

Our inserts are manufactured on our multispindle lathes and are double-checked. During manufacture, we carry out SPC-type checks, then at the end of the manufacturing process, we check 100% of the parts for the required function (e.g. presence/non-obstruction of tapping). At the customer’s request, we can also carry out dimensional checks (a critical safety rib measured on 100% of the parts).

The self-tapping insert, for your mechanical parts and fasteners

The self-tapping insert is therefore necessarily made of a harder material than the one into which it will be screwed, and is therefore very popular in the plastics industry for thermoplastics and thermosets in which it will only be necessary to make smooth holes.

The woodworking industry is also a major consumer of self-tapping inserts for furniture assembly. As with the overmolding insert, Massard’s self-tapping inserts, themselves tapped from M4 to M12, are often dedicated to the truck industry.

At our customers’ request, we also offer coatings such as zinc plating, phosphating, geomet…or pre-induction products such as microencapsulated glue or sealants.

And if our customers place their trust in us, it’s because we’ve been able to evolve and adapt with them, and perhaps also because we’re at the heart of a great mechanical engineering region, whose history is well known…

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